Sabbatical is doing daily for several months or days, what you've already learned to do weekly for many years of weeks.         
- Mark Buchanan, The Rest of God

Today, this 2nd day of Sabbatical,  I play.

Ive driven myself to Austin, an hours drive from Camp.  I dressed in a white/navy dip-dyed peasant blouse and my favorite white, super long bellbottom jeans.  Added a splash of red ethnic jewelry, some flip flops and a straw bag and now I'll blend right into this city I love so much.  Each city has its own dress-code, doncha know.

This week is a test of sorts to see if I have learned Sabbath.  Can I be alone for a week and Rest?  Do I know how, or will I end this week having only had time stolen from me, not Redeemed?  Will I emerge from 7 days of solitude like a lover full from time with the one I adore, bringing Light and Levity to the hours that follow?  Will I emerge elated and refreshed, ready to Bless?    If so, I should use what I have learned on my Sabbath Fridays - that this time should not be all rigid reading, writing and praying, it must be a mix.  Good grief - our Savior was certainly not all serious rigidity!  His first miracle, as you remember,  was to turn water to wine for no greater reason than that the party might go on!

So, Im currently sitting on a balcony I love in Bee Caves.  Ive already been asking the Lord about living here one day...grin.  And soon Ill head downtown to visit Whole Earth Provision and Book People , by George and my very favorite, Wildflower Organics.  Ill see what flavors Amy's has today and maybe even eat at Vivo's (but without Doug, it wont be the same).

Ill tour the food trailer parks and art vendors because something there makes me just giddy and Ill ascend the stairs at Mt. Bonnell.  Perhaps this afternoon Ill kayak Town Lake (or save that for the weekend with Savannah) but certainly get over to Lake Travis for the magnificent scenery at sunset.  

Yes, today Im going to play, enjoy, relish this Abundance I have been granted.