I awoke the morning after my return from Santa Fe to find this on our breakfast table - a continued welcome home from my husband.  Retrieved from a mountaintop high in Estes Park, Doug had collected a symbolic remnant and crafted it into a heartfelt gift.

Honestly there were many days I was not sure we would make it back to this place.  Actually I should say to this place -  we have never been here before.

I remember the months of desperate pleading prayers, on bended knees, face upon floor, tears pouring.  Our marriage had been so beautiful, but felt suddenly so broken.  I remember the dull ache of a heart that wouldn't believe, wouldn't trust.   I remember the anger that followed, anger that threatened so much more than the space of one emotion.

But the Lord would not leave me there.  Did not leave me there.   Did not leave us there.

He had more in mind.  

He is always leading us to His Best.