Continued from Part I...

Most of our time was spent walking out and about or relaxing in the sun with iced teas and coffees.  The weather was perfect all three of the days we were there - 80 by day and 50 by night.  Pinon wood fires filled the air every evening as we ate in the out of doors, and bright pops of color in the way of spring flowers met us at every corner and windowbox.

Moms big birthday celebration dinner was at Rio Chama on their back patio near the huge adobe fireplace, but another memorable dinner was at La Choza (I think its better than its famous sister, The Shed).  Breakfast is my moms favorite meal of the day (its where I get it from, Im sure) and she loved (loved!) Clafloutis (but who doesn't?) and also the coffee, pastries and crepes at the French Pastry Shop off the Plaza.  Spicy chocolate elixirs and dark chocolate sea salt truffles from Kakawa Chocolate House also made her "best of" list.  It was so fun spoiling her since she is the one who normally does that for us.

As far as Hotel...Hotel St. Francis.  Thats all Im gonna say.  Simple elegance.  Candlelight.  Fabulousness.  My pictures dont do it justice.  Look at the link.

And so we celebrated Moms life.  And her life with us as daughters.  We made more memories together and experienced more life together in a way that is not the norm for us any longer since Liz and I spend most of our days with our own families, living in towns far from Mom.  Really, more than 10 times while we were away she looked me in the eye and told me "this is the best birthday Ive ever had in my life."  Mission accomplished.

It was a blast!