This past Friday after Doug and I had dinner on our date night, he drove me up to the mesa overlook to watch the sunset.  We sat there for over an hour watching colors change, birds soar.  It was like a personal movie set before us, the soundtrack being our own sharings and laughter.  We had never been there before.

The next afternoon we grabbed sandwiches and took the girls up for a picnic, for them to see what we were describing.    The sky was moody blue, at once temperamental and tempting.   As we sat, I was thinking of an excerpt from a journal I recently recovered.  My handwriting reads simply -  Loving the table, but not the Host.  Loving the cupboard, but not the Man of the House.  I'm near certain it was from one of John Pipers sermons.

We love more voluminously, enjoy celebrations and meals with more completeness, express intimacy more richly and take in the Beauty of Nature with more Awe when we first acknowledge from where each comes.    Everything Good and Beautiful is merely a reflection of Him and a tiny glimpse of what is ahead.

More than ever I want to share what I see.  More than ever I can sit down and truly enjoy.  More than ever I am free to be who I was Designed to be.