Last Thursday was Savannahs 15th birthday.  Doug had flown my mom in a few days before and we spent the day enjoying a true celebration of Savannah.

She awoke to a house decorated with banners, signs and sweetness, our family tradition, and was quickly swept away by her Nana and I for breakfast at her favorite spot in Denver then a shopping spree on Nana.    We spent nearly three hours over breakfast talking with her about so many of our memories and all the joy she has brought into our family at large.  She shared hopes and dreams with us (some we knew and some we didnt) and we with her.

While we were out, Peyton and Doug were busy bees at home getting everything ready for the evening celebration.  Every year we have a celebration of life ceremony for the girls on their birthday.  This year Doug narrated and he and Peyton handpicked the pictures and memories to share during dinner.  

Our celebration of life ceremonies are a time when we go back and show pictures from past years and we all share memories and blessings about the birthday girl.  Everyone talks and laughs and remembers out loud, using the words of our heart to tell how the birth of the one celebrated has impacted our own.  Its so awesome - the girls look forward to that ceremony more than anything else on their birthdays.

This year Doug added a new element to the mix by bringing in one of Savannahs early elementary report cards.  Her teachers had written many, many comments and we all laughed so hard because she is exactly the same way today - intense, intentional and loving beyond words.  Doug read so many funny and profound statements about her, made all those years ago.  He used those comments as a springboard for his own sharings and insights into her life.  He also had me read a few of the entries from my mothering journals,  capturing moments from her toddler to teen years .  We all sat and listened, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying.  When he finished she told him thank you about 5 times; his presentation this year really, really touched her.  My goodness, it touched all of us!  

Savannah has been a blessing each and every day of her life.  She is a born leader who cares more deeply for people that anyone I have ever known.  Her most heartfelt hope is to one day become a missionary and share her Gifts with people while sharing Christ with them as well.  We are all so excited to see what the Lord has in store for her and how He will direct her paths.   Truly, every year with her is more rich, more inspiring, more full.  She is a Light in our family, a Joy in our hearts, and a Blessing beyond measure.