+[town and country]+

One thing we love about where we live is that we have to drive into the city.   We love that each week on date night we can feel as though we really got away from our regular life, but in only a 30-40 minute drive, because we actually travel to a different city.  And then we can return to the serene woodlands and savor living in our picturesque natural surroundings.  Its a perfect, perfect mix for our lifestyle.

Last night we drove into Denver, to the vibrant Cherry Creek area specifically.    Doug has had his eye on a new trendy place he wanted to take me to and a new espresso spot as well.  Its fun that he always keeps everything fresh by ever looking for new adventures.    It makes me happy that he wants to show me everything he finds.

The sky was filled with stars and the air was mild.    It was dreamy to wear a long, flowy dress again and no coat, just a light silk sweater.   There is something about the combination of warm night air and a flowing dress that makes me feel glorious.

Have I mentioned that Friday nights and Saturday mornings (our weekly dates) are my favorite times of the week?  Sigh...