Ive lost my Sabbath rhythms, at least for today.   Writing is now what I do on other days, but not this one.  Or is it?  How is it that one can practice something weekly for three years and then ...

I had no idea new life seasons would also require learning how to Rest in new ways.  Its my mind, not my schedule, I must now teach to refrain.

Alicia Keys slinks through the outdoor speakers of my favorite mountainside coffee shop.   She sings of A Womans Worth as I sit baking in the afternoon sun.  Ive waited months for a day like today - strapless dress long enough to puddle on the ground beneath me,  hair now piled atop my head in that messy bun that whispers of summers freedoms.  Ill be sunburned by 3:00.   How odd that I feel most comfortable in my own skin with a slight sunburn and a long, strapless dress.

I talked to Taralyn - she wanted to know if I was writing.

I talked to my Mom - she wanted to know if I was writing.

Ive spent the day in the backs and forths of my mind - not writing, not resting.  Stories and characters swirl - Im distracted.   I tried to listen to a podcast sermon - couldn't concentrate.  I tried going for some lunch at a local favorite.  Doug, oddly,  was there too - working remotely for a consulting client.  I found him on the patio after spotting his vintage beast in the parking lot.  I sat a moment admiring his skin then grabbed chicken salad to-go and waved him good bye, feeling the pure delight of a woman happening unexpectedly upon her lover.   While  I walked away his eyes followed.  I tossed my hair in a manner which my daily life rarely allows.  I heard him chuckle in reply.  I didn't drive away without taking a sec to draw a pink lipstick heart on his drivers window.  A woman stared, as if I were doing something illicit.

Refrain from what is necessary.  Refrain from what is necessary.