Every evening now there is a moment around 7:00pm when the sun dives just beneath the mountains and splashes radiant light in the valley below.   Breathtaking!

Doug calls the illumination "brushstrokes of light" and alerts the family to stop anything they are doing, to watch and wonder.

Long Sunday afternoon drives are commonplace for us.  We wind through mountains and valleys, sometimes for hours.  Today all was quiet as we drove, all were watching the passing scenery from their own perspective, own internal thoughts.  Suddenly a Ford Expedition sped past with a red headed child in the backseat.  Apparently out of his seatbelt, his head from the window, those flaming curls were swirling wildly in the wind.

His head tipped backward,  he was laughing a laugh so contagious our entire car broke into song alongside him.    I still giggle as I picture him.  Life!

Two afternoons of tacos and guacamole on two sunny patios.  Two days of chips, lime and salt in multiple baskets.    Two days of cold press with heavy cream for dinner.  Two days to remind us that summer is near, just before the snow comes again.

In reviewing our pictures from the weekend I realized some of my favorites are always the ones where our faces aren't seen but our personalities shine through.  Random, colorful parts of a whole.