For date night last night, Doug and I tried a new Indian spot in Denver.  Yum!  Then this morning we had coffee downtown and shopped our favorite used book store before swinging by to get the girls for the day.  We took a day trip up to Evergreen and enjoyed the boardwalk and lake there.  Found an interesting coffee roaster and cafe as well, but we had already had the best fish and chips ever for lunch so we just got drinks to go.

Can you believe that is Peyton walking with Doug?  She is so tall now!  With her hair in a pony she reminds me so much of Savannah from behind.  That girl is hilarious.

Firepit when we got home.  Spring nights around here are just perfect for s'mores or tea round the fire.

Not sure what tomorrow will hold.  Supposedly we have a snowy week ahead...

1,2 pics via evergreen.com