3 AM

Sometime after dinner last night I began reading Paris in Love.  Then it was 3 am and two bowls of Coconut Chocolate Mousse later and I was still reading.  Before my rendezvous with the mousse but after the beginning of the book, and after Doug and I had the equivalent of book club, where I read passage after passage to him and we laughed recalling all kinds of memories from Paris,  he fell asleep next to me.  I switched from bedside lamp to candlelight.

I laughed out loud so many times.  You know, the kind of laugh like you have in a fabulous greeting card shop when you find particularly accurate sentiment somehow prewritten?  He stirred a few times.    Then I heard the dog get up in Peytons room across the landing, scratching at the door, hoping it was time for breakfast.    But everyone fell back asleep, except me.  I giggled and imagined and dreamed until all the pages were turned.  It was fantastic.