+[sabbath thoughts]+


I am convinced that there can be little benefit from a sabbatical if you've never learned to keep Sabbath. It's the concept of being faithful in the small things to then be entrusted with the larger.

I've known many who have headed off into an extended "time away" like its the answer to all that ails them, an express cure, the great white hope. Without exception they have come back disappointed, most more tired than when they left. Time was stolen from them, not spent.

A beneficial sabbatical is just a consecutive doing, for days or weeks, what you've learned in your weekly Sabbath.

How many of your loved ones have you learned to be alone with for concentrated, extended periods of time? In the same way we must learn every precious person we love, and how to "be" alongside them, we must also learn our God and how to rest with Him. That's why there is a practice involved; learning involves practice.