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On what is my go-to lunch:

3 out of 5 weekdays I make this smoothie for lunch:

1/2 container nonfat pineapple greek yogurt
1/2 frozen banana
1/4 cup unsweetened flaked coconut (available at health food stores)
1/2 cup milk (almond milk is great in this)
1/2 cup crushed ice
splash of Mexican vanilla extract
agave or honey to taste

Blend on highest setting, pour into a mason jar and voila!

Other weekly lunches include this egg salad and this tuna salad and this chicken salad (extra salt and pecans added) on top of arugula or in a lettuce wrap.

On our favorite cookbooks:

Doug doesnt typically use cookbooks.  And even if he does he only uses them partially then always takes his recipe in a freestyle direction.  Peyton is very much the same way.  Savannah and I use cookbooks.  The everyday ones in our house, the ones with torn pages and smears from years and years and time again and again use are these:

In addition to these everyday resources, I also use the Smitten Kitchen and the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks on a bi-monthly to monthly basis as well as Clinton Street Baking Company on a monthly basis.   I have yet to find a "health food" cookbook that I turn to over and over again, (sorry), although I do enjoy paging through Spices of Life, Ancient Grains for Modern Meals, Super Natural Every Day, and an older one called Feeding the Whole Family for inspiration.  By FAR, my familys favorite one for me to cook from is Homesick Texan.

On why I think Moms groups are a mess:

Because, at the end of the day, no matter what they say, most women live their day to day lives without accountability or reason.  They live by feelings.  When I meet women who have endured and stuck hard things out for long periods of time, I want to sit with them.  Most Moms groups Ive attended are filled with people who want quick, easy answers and fixes but dont want to have to be (do whatever it takes to be) what their role in the family is calling them to be, which is consistent.    The consistent ones have matured and moved on from these settings. 

On what I enjoy most in my week:

Such an easy one...Sabbath Fridays, Date Night with Doug on Friday nights, Morning Date with Doug on Saturday mornings.  These times are what get me through the other days and their demands.

On where I would like to be in 5 years, when the girls are away at university:

Writing on a (very private, secluded) open air office atop the eco-modern glass, concrete and steel house that Savannah designed and Doug built.  In the dry heart of the Austin, TX foothills surrounded by cedar trees and the humm of locusts.   And engaging in a daily lifestyle of ministry alongside/complimentary to Doug. 

On being so connected to Doug:

The reader commented that I am one of the only moms she knows who wants her kids to go off to school so she can be alone with her husband again.  She asked why I thought I was so connected to him.  I married Doug wanting to be with Doug.  Not wanting to be a mother, a teacher or anything else, just his wife and partner.  Ive given these other roles which have been handed to me my very best, and I have enjoyed them much.  But my deepest desire and truest wish is to be alone with him once more.  Thats what I signed up for originally, thats what Im waiting for still.  Why am I so connected to him?  I believe thats the Design of our relationship.  I was always meant for him.

a pic sent to me by a reader...

On if Im now ready to commit to writing a book:

Sigh.  I can feel the stares of my family and dearest friends.  Yes, for the love, yes.  I am.  Happy?

On what is my favorite house/dreamhouse Ive ever experienced:

This one needs a whole post.  Stay tuned.