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On the most productive thing Ive done this week:

I just told Doug over coffee this morning that the girls and I have spring fever. Thankfully, we've homeschooled long enough to know that I need to bulk up in the fall, when it feels like its time for school, so that when spring rolls around we are near weekly finishing one subject or another.   Art History and Shakespeare are done for the year. We have 8 weeks of school left, minus 2 weeks for spring break. Productive thing Ive done... simply moving closer to summer everyday.

On enjoying winter vs. ready for spring:

Schedule wise, see above.

Weather wise, I cant complain. Colorado is so, so sunny most everyday. I hike most everyday and am in the mountains regularly. The snow near our home is here then gone in 48 hours -  so enough time to enjoy it, then say goodbye. In other words, winter is a pleasure here. As are Spring, Summer and Fall. Im very much enjoying each season and and the changes each one brings.

On what we ate for lunch today:

I promise I didnt stage this. This is just normal in our house and apparently another one of those oddities of how we live. Peyton creates fart (food-art) daily. And I intentionally take pleasure in everything I do (more to this below). Add those two together and our meals end up being "pretty" most days.  

On being "really scared of something":

The question asked was have I ever been really, really scared of something. Uh, yes. Everyday! Homeschooling, staying married, continuing to live in this family and mother these children, going to war with my sin, praying for life change in our family, forgiving those who have deeply hurt me, reading books I dont understand and have to teach, trusting anyone, walking my girls into womanhood, following my husband when I dont agree with his choices, sitting still with the Lord over what He is asking of me in terms of my birthparents, seeing my mean neighbors in the yard, confronting sin in my closest friends, living my dreams (what if I fail?), being uninteresting to Doug, going to spiritual sleep in this autumn of my life, being without...need I continue?

On reading magazines:

Yes, I read magazines. Perhaps more than from any other media source I find inspiration from magazines. But I dont buy them. I used to, but I dont anymore.  I realized that our library has every magazine I enjoy so I just check them out from there. They also keep all the back issues for a year so I can make sure I dont miss an issue. Just yesterday I came home with about 20 magazines.  Dwell, Cooking Light, Whole Living, Southern Living and Martha Stewart.  A few issues of each. I skim them, copy recipes if I want to try them or sketch ideas, then send them back. I think Im the only person who does this as they are always just like new when I get them!  I do miss Architectural Digest...they dont subscribe to that one. Sigh.

On living passionately:

I just had a discussion about this with Ruth while we walked downtown Denver this past weekend. Yes, I live passionately. And no, I dont think there is a need to apologize for that. Im sorry if what you bring to this blog, as you read, is rubbed by my lifestyle. Yes, I take afternoon tea most everyday because it slows me down and helps me savor Beauty. I take each of my daughters on weekly, independent dates. I cook for pleasure as do my husband and children. I make botanical arrangements weekly and decorate and redecorate my home seasonally. I read quality literature each afternoon and make sure to listen to beautiful music everyday. We live with candles lit each evening and oils upon pillows each night. I paint and write constantly for both appreciation and appropriation.    Doug and I set Friday nights and Saturday mornings apart for just us and engage daily, fully, like we're still on our honeymoon. And yes, most all of these things cost something. So yes, we must take from one area to give to another. But I refuse to live a utilitarian lifestyle - that holds no Beauty to me. My life is rich, so I spend it. I believe that is exactly what I am called to do.  After all, we are Blessed to be a blessing.