I take the time to teach them to see, to really know,  Beauty in every area of their lives.    That is my job.

I teach them to see the artists of music, of painting and sculpture, the artists of words, science, math,  and most of all the Artist of Life.  I teach them these because one day they will live alone in a place where they will need to bring Beauty.  And to bring Beauty, they must have first known it for themselves.

Recently, at a parent training meeting at Peytons school, I was told (by a highschool mom) that asking parents to train their children in all these areas of "seeing" was insane.  Buried in her own fear, she discouraged every young mom in the room.  Insane was the exact word used.    Too much time involved, too much required of the parent/teacher, too much "muchness".  She refused to step out into Beauty because it might cost too much.

I argued then, and I argue now, is it not the opposite that is insane?  How can we, as Believers,  not train our children to see Beauty in every area of their lives?  Does a watchman not watch?