+[my gift to her]+

This morning I read in Luke one last time. I read, amongst many other words, where Jesus said to gain life you must lose your own. I did not highlight anything today nor write another note. Rather I removed all my bookmarks, excluding the one with my initials engraved, and all my other loose notes as well. I folded back the dog-eared pages and closed the cover.

It's time.

Five years ago (five years!) I began near daily writing in this bible for Savannah. I've highlighted, written personal notes, sketched about personal things, even traced my own hand over scriptures I have clung to. Her Gods word and her mothers testimony all in one book. I had planned to give it to her on her 13th birthday, but when that time came I knew it wasn't right. I wasn't finished. I had more to share. But now, for weeks, I've known that this Valentines Day I would give it to her. And so I will.

I could always write more. Could always give more testimony. But I think what was captured here was my heart in an intense season of growth and dependence. I think that is all I wanted to show. I pray that it will bring her what it needs to as she walks her own life's path.