+[life with a capital L]+

Weekend breakfasts have always been a big deal in our house. When the girls were younger (and didnt sleep in past 7) we would get everyone dressed and head out every Saturday morning to enjoy breakfast on the town.   Breakfasts out have a qualities like mint to me:  refreshing, awakening, a cool to the burn of the week.

As the girls crossed into the teen years (and werent as keen on awakening early on Saturday mornings), Doug and I began heading out on our own then meeting them at the house at noon to begin our day as a family. Thus the Saturday morning date was born.

Sunday mornings though, Doug usually makes a fancy breakfast at home for he and I. Then after we saunter through his culinary creations, I wake the girls with trays for their rooms and they have breakfast in bed before church.

Saturday morning this week held breakfast downtown and window shopping along Tejon. There is a kitchen store, a spice shop and a home furnishings store we enjoy down there. The weather was beautiful so we strolled. Along the way we noticed a few dance steps outlined for us on the sidewalk. We thought it was cute, snapped a couple of pics and moved along with our morning. Then today, as we sat together lingering over coffee and cinnamon roll pancakes (recipe here), and listening to Suzanne Vega sing "Caramel", Doug announced it was time for the foxtrot.

I dont know the foxtrot. I mean, I kindof do, but not really. But we had the pic from the sidewalk!

So then and there, he in his pinstriped pajamas and me in my Japanese floral kimono robe, we learned the foxtrot. We pushed all the furniture back in the room and skimmed the floor like foxy pros!

I want to live life with a capital L with this man.  I want to keep working on what we have together and becoming who the Lord had in mind when He brought is together. This is what I pray over and over, that we will become exactly that couple.   Some days that is an easy prayer and some days its the farthest thing from what I feel. 

Our 17 year marriage has not always been easy. In fact, the last 5-6 years have been excrutiating at times. But I think we are learning a new dance together in this life season. Just in time for our children to fly, we are learning each other anew, but with greater depth and appreciation.    Life with a capital L is Life fuller, richer, deeper, slower.