I sit today resting on my Sabbath, preparing for the new year and  new semester ahead of me.  The quietness of January has already taken hold me, my household and my heart.  I no longer mind the silence.  My MN friend Alison always told me how and why winter was her favorite season.  I now understand and, gasp, may even agree.  Its a quiet, beautiful, desperately meaningful time. 
Where I live Narnia'esque snow falls weekly, but with our ever sunny days, is burned away in a day or two.    The trails behind our home are painted white and forest frosted, making a dreamland for walking and exploring. 
I need the quiet of this time of year.  It helps me remember the whys of my life.  It helps me look again at the foundations of everything.   

Moments ago Be Thou My Vision, the instrumental version, came on my headphones.  I had to step outside.  Im at that coffeeshop you've seen so many times here - the one with the flagstone firepit overlooking Pikes Peak.  Tears had already begun before I headed outside to sit on the edge of the stones, raising my eyes to those mountains.  I am not sad, rather feel a bit lost in it all.  Who am I again, what is being asked of me, how do I sort through the difficulties of being me and at the same time walk alongside others?  Oh how I love that song.  Be Thou My Vision.