Every year since we've been homeschooling, in observation of MLK day, we have taken a week off from our regular history studies to spend some time on MLK, Civil Rights, Peaceful Protest and Pro-Life studies. This year we spent all last week on Gandhi and learning once again of the peaceful ways he both led India to freedom and inspired MLK in his own peaceful pursuits of equality. 

Over the past 5 years we have moved through the history timeline and so finally, this year, we are actually at the point of history when MLK walked, sat, stood.   And true to tradition we took the girls to the local March for Life celebration so they could feel it all for themselves. This year, at the Colorado Capitol, we marched with 2,000 who also believe that Life is the most important civil right; without it none of the others matter. This is always the girls favorite fieldtrip of the year. Always!

This year, with Dietrich's words greeting them on the steps (see above), they each said they felt it more deeply.   We believe that if the girls are going to be women of impact, who live the Design of their lives, they must know full and well how those before them have stood in the face of giants.   Only then will they formulate full and well how to face theirs.