+[the annual]+

A handful of  "yesterday" pics from our annual birthday celebration tea.    Im SO glad we have this yearly tradition together.  It gives us an uninterrupted few hours time to revisit and remember the past year (s)  of her life and to dream toward the future, just the two of us.    Every year I am so thankful that we have these hours set aside.  As we were decorating our gingerbread men between tea rounds, she told me that these birthday teatimes are some of her most cherished childhood memories.  Mine too. 

This year we went to the St. Julien hotel in Boulder.  Lovely in every way was St. Julien, and a hard choice, but (because some of you are waiting on our review) we liked Brown Palace (last year) better overall.  Loved the big band though, instead of just piano and harp, and the atmosphere at St. Julien was fantastic! 

Hard to believe she is 13.  So hard.

Shes due home in a couple of hours with her daddy from their all day date day.  I imagine she will run in the door beaming with her new ring on her hand which he presented to her tonight at dinner.  Its perfect for her.  I cried when I saw it.  He  has picked each of their rings for this occasion as carefully as he picked my engagement ring, I think.  And no one, not even me,  sees it before the big day.   I love that.

Headed to Beaver Creek early tomorrow with her for the Coming of Age trip.  More pics soon.