+[celebrations continued]+

Were home from Peytons celebration (will write more on it later and share more pics), have been scurrying about getting Christmas errands run and final house decorations in place. My parents are two hours away and growing closer with each tap on this keyboard.

Over the next week our plans hold Ringing the Salvation Army bells with my parents, time at the Broadmoor, Christmas Tea with my mom and Peyt (while Doug and Savannah take my Dad for BBQ) and time on the trails and around the firepit as an extended family. They are even greeting with us at church on Christmas Eve! Its been 6 years since weve spent Christmas with them (or anyone!) - Im SO happy they are coming for a Colorado Christmas with us!

I carved out a few hours this morning to sit and mountain watch with coffee at my favorite coffee shop. Its Taralyns birthday, a day that changed my life, and I got to talk to her as well. Oh, my love for that woman. These moments to stop and count my blessings, to remember the where we were last year at this time and go back to that place of immense need (in the midst of plenty once again) are what remind me of the celebration I want my heart to hold. Admittedly the hustle bustle of this year, the polar opposite of last year, has kept me more distracted than engaged in my heart. But not this morning!

I read the other day that only those who know poverty know Christmas.     I think its that very poverty which rises up and dances, celebrates all the more in the Plenty.