+[anniversary revisited]+

It was only 3 weeks ago, he told me last night. 

He mentioned thankfulness for that time of ours,  alone, last night as he prayed with us before dinner.

When we were first married, and then again at certain perfect times, when we were alone after having children, I would look at him and say, "Make it stop."

He would smile and say, "I cant."

What I meant, as he knew full well, was make time stop.  My heart in each of those moments was breaking at the fullness of love and satisfaction of being his wife, with him alone.  And then years passed and that private conversation was not passed between us, was near forgotten.

But one morning three weeks ago,  as he stood above me and I sat waiting outside for a table at our favorite breakfast place there in Austin, as if I had never said the words before and they had only then come to me for the first time,  with tears running down my face I said it once more, "Make it stop."

I saw him receive it as if also for the first time.

I treasure that memory.