+[texas our texas]+

Whenever we cross the state line into Texas I immediately begin singing all of the Texas state songs - Texas our Texas, The Eyes of Texas are Upon You and Deep in the Heart of Texas to be exact. The girls know its coming and begin AWWWW Mom'ing me about 5 minutes before it happens each time. Loud and proud I sing. With hand motions. Horrified, they watch. But they have learned the songs.

Yesterday I told them they must know the songs of their ancestors. Admittedly, that was a abit much. They laughed for 10 minutes straight. But they know the songs!

So, were here, back walking on Texas soil. Or concrete, whichever. They are sleeping contently in the above pictured room. Im sipping coffee in the attached living area. As you can see from the first pic we left before dawn so I was really ready to get here... THIRTEEN hours later. Its a long drive but better than stopping in Amarillo for the night.     Dinner at a favorite spot then coffee at another and back to enjoy the candlelit pool and surroundings of our hotel.  A nice reprieve before bunkbeds and bedbugs at Camp.  Not really, but you get the idea.

Doug will fly in to meet us at Camp in a couple of days. But for now its just us girls. Meeting Taralyn in 2 little hours. Woo-hoo!

Pics 3,4,6 via NYLO