+[sweet surprise]+

After a week filled with back and forth trips to Denver, 3 fullday fieldtrips, the last two soccer games of the season, speaking at a homeschool leadership meeting across town and hosting a fall firepit party for Peytons class, I was pretty pooped.  Not to mention another week of no Sabbath and no date night due to rescheduled commitments.    Sometimes everything just collides.  Its life!  But thats not our normal schedule.

Imagine my surprise and delight when on our Saturday morning date today Doug drove south.  And more south; thirty minutes south to be exact.  And soon those pink-hued buildings surrounded me.  Like a fairy tale castle they welcomed us - violins ushering, fountains embracing.  Beauty, comforts, concierges who know my husband "by his smile" (and ever welcoming him like he is their favorite son) all make coming back to The Broadmoor each and every time a delightful, lovely, restful experience.  We arent here every week or even every month.  But they remember Mr. and Mrs Price.  I love that.  Everyone loves to be remembered in a personal way.  It warms my heart how much they all compliment Doug on his ever radiant smile - its my favorite external feature about him as well.    My children say its one thing they will always remember him for.  Imagine being remembered by your children for smiling through it all.

 We spent three luxurious hours over breakfast, watching snowcapped peaks above us and swans swimming below.  We talked politics, literature, comparisons of Pompeii and the US, and what we would like to do once our children leave home (ministry).   We held hands. 

The dining room buzzed with families on holiday, couples in love and staff ever attentive and engaging.  Did I mention it is lovely there?

After breakfast we took a leisurely hour walk on the grounds of the hotel.  Circling the lake we walked and talked.  I never tire of that walk, though I have been on it countless times through the years.  With stroller we walked the girls there.  Popping pregnant with Peyton, and after a massage in their spa,  I walked there hoping to encourage my labor.  An anniversary walk has transpired there, along with many Mothers Day and Christmas brunch walks encouraging the digestion of feasts we have eaten at their tables.  I realized yesterday that more than any other one destination (perhaps excluding Seaside), The Broadmoor has been the backdrop of our family memories.

 As we walked I thanked Doug for bringing me there.  I thanked him for caring for me in the countless ways he does and somehow knowing when I am in need even before I do.   I spent quite some time thanking him for demonstrating for me all of these years of marriage how to lament versus complain, even in the face of deepest sorrow and hardship.  He teaches me year after year.  I thanked him for walking alongside me and feasting with me, both literally and figuratively, when he could have, perhaps even should have,  chosen many other things.  And as we drove away the world looked different and I felt renewed.