+[halloween favs according to the girls]+

Favorite Halloween Family traditions, according to the girls:


Going to the coffee shop after trick or treating.  Doug and I sit together at a table next to the girls.  They need a whole table as they spread out their loot and begin the trading (What will you trade for that box of cherry heads?  Two milky ways.   Deal.)

We started this when they were very little as I was always cold after being out walking and wanted a coffee.  They apparently always thought we went to trade candy!  Funny.  Now this is their favorite part of the night.

Oh, and thats their dad doing his famous muscle flex while drinking coffee, trying to impress his wife.   You can see how impressed she is.


Candles, firepits and luminaries.  They love neighbors stopping by to chat by the fire and the glow of the house as they walk back up after trick or treating.  I like the fire because I can stay warm.  I have to admit though, its nice when the neighbors gather in our yard around the glow.

(Their hair was blue but you cant tell in these pictures)


Carving pumpkins as a family.  Every year we carve either on Halloween or the night before.  We always set that night aside for a celebration dinner and pumpkin carving.  They said last night that those are some of their favorite memories.  Doug is always in charge of that part of Halloween.  They never use templates, but they do use power tools!


"Whatever creepy thing mom does that year.  It always freaks us out!"  I have no idea what they are talking about.