See the rock climbers in the pic above?  Savannah and I watched them as we ate our lunch yesterday.   Sunshine, the smell of earth and pine, mountain breezes.   I looked over at her at one point and said, "dont ever think this is normal - being able to grab lunch and watch climbers like ants ascending and descending hills." 

She looked over at me with that sparkly smile and simply asked a layered,  "Why?"

Why indeed. 

Why not see the beautiful as the Promised?  The celebration as the rule, instead of the exception?  The lovely and lifegiving as our rhythm?  Why not?

My daughter has become as idealist alongside her mother. 

Thursdays we have the day together.  Alone.  Except for a couple of hours while she is in classes.  And every Thursday I watch the rose of her unfolding.  Beautiful.  Beautiful!