+[what do you see]+

I tried to describe it to someone the other day...

In the backdrop a row of barren trees stand on one side, but a forest flourishing on the other.

Foot upon marble, triumphant, with an athletes ease and poise, He stands.

He is wounded, clearly wounded, but the wounds are from a battle won...and have no hint of defeat.

He has no expression other than assurance.

Looks like He's saying, "Told you so" to me.


Death where is your sting? Where is your victory? I hear Paul's words as I look at it.

I think of my marriage when I look at this painting. The enemy cast a shadow over me, over us, a few years back. A lifetime of fear, my fear, increased the shadow beyond dark and menacing. But there was no substance behind the shadow. Stinger yes, venom no. I was wounded, Doug was wounded, but Christ stood assured. He had Plans in place.

I was trying to tell the person that the people of God experience liberation first, then take up the chorus. This plays itself out in countless ways in countless lives. Once you have been liberated from something which has plagued you for your entire life you can't help but take up the chorus, to dance. The wounds inflicted upon our marriage healed me of a lifetime of fear. It took time, sitting still in writhing pain while most everyone told me countless ways to get up. It took intentionality and patience in listening. It took hearing the whisper to stay, watch, wait. But our wounds were precise breaks which healed me in places deep, which I didnt believe were healable. I begged for that healing and He provided. But He never does things the way we would.

I look at this painting and He's saying, "Told you so." And a smile breaks across my face and heart.

I remember CS Lewis once saying, "we must look, and go on looking till we have certainly seen exactly what is there." I can see again, anew and for the first time.

Piero Della Francesca - Resurrection