+[they were talking of a day 2 years back...]+

...in the car...and suddenly a deeper level of appreciation for a very difficult time in our family life came. A simple walk in an orchard, a garden - growth and death surrounding us.   Life picture captured.

Only two years ago these pictures were taken.

This morning, I watched them all voluntarily stand in Praise as we sang "How He Loves" at church - Savannah to my left, Doug and Peyton to my right. I sat though, with tears streaming. They all stood smiling, singing... loudly.

I sat taking in, remembering, praising, in awe - hands open and upturned and ready for a new commitment, new vision of my calling, our calling.

So much in two years.

So much more to come.

We were surrounded by the promise of a harvest back then. But all we had were seeds.