+[if you are wondering]+

Not all of my writings get posted on this blog.   Ive been getting a lot of emails lately asking my thoughts on subjects that Ive actually written about over on our homeschool blog.  So I thought I would post a few links:

If you are wondering what I think the most important practical thing is that I am teaching right now - read here

If you wonder if homeschooling ever makes me nuts  - read here.

If you are curious about how in the world I daily continue my art history learnings - read here

If you are looking for some booklists for your kids of any age - read here OR read here

If you are a younger mom looking to build your family library over time - read here

If you want to know some of my resources for hair and outfit inspiration, and the priority I place on them - read here

If you are looking for devotion books for your family - read here

If you wonder if I ever question my decisions/parenting in this lifeseason - read here

If you wonder what this "Coming of Age" trip thing is all about - read here OR read here for the my thoughts in planning Savannahs.  Im planning Peytons now!

Ill add more links to answer your questions soon.