+[Hitchcocktoberfest and other old movies]+

Every October for the past 5 years Doug and I have had a Hitchcocktoberfest.  We got the idea from a The Angelika theatre near our home in Plano who blocked off every Tuesday night in the month of October for a Hitchcock film.    Doug actually took me the first time as a distraction when I had had a particularly difficult day with my only particularly difficult friend.  It cheered me up and was such fun we made it a tradition even after we moved away from the city where the theatre was.

Over the years weve watched every film Hitchcock made.  Most of them we find pretty boring.  But then there is Rear Window (one my alltime favs - i do love that Grace Kelly) and The Birds (which is the inspiration for our Halloween decor every year).  And Doug likes Psycho.  Ill never forget the first time he watched it;  the look on his face when he figured out "Mother" was Norman was priceless.

Our (one) TV doenst get turned on unless there is college football.  Or were watching a movie.  Its been years and years since we have been TV watchers (too many good books to read!).  But movies are a biggie in our home.    Especially old movies.  This month alone weve watched Camelot, The Barefoot Contessa, Casablanca and Guess Whos Coming to Dinner for our weekend flicks.    Most of the time we just pop them into the laptop and watch them upstairs fireside in our bedroom.  But if its a family event we watch it on the bigscreen in the basement.   The girls favorite for Halloween is Phantom of the Opera.  They will have to wait a few more years for Hitchcocktoberfest.