+[game night]+

This evening we parked the family at Starbucks for some coffee and fun.

Someone farted they were laughing so hard.

And someone nearly pee'ed their pants. I say nearly because that makes it sound better.

I'm not naming names. I'm just sayin.

The barista said he wanted to play with us. And everyone who walked in stared at us as we laughed until we were blue.   We were shamefully loud, I think.  

How is it that this man we call husband, and father, who is as perfectly grammared as they come...and as unghetto as is humanly possible...uses, in Scattergories, almost exclusively terms only found in the urban dictionary? Words like nene (ghetto term of endearment, apparently) and nong (an Australian term for twit)??? And some dance move called the New Jack Swing...whhaaaattt?   How does he know this stuff??

I admit to trying to make a lame dance move called the "Night-Night" work (we had to come up with a dance that started with the letter "N") . I had moves and everything. Head tilted to one side then the other, resting on open palms.  It was bad. Nobody bought it. They couldn't find it on Google. Or in the urban dictionary.   New Jack Swing...whatever!    The Night-Night was better than that.

Savannah asked on the way home if our family culture is normal. I don't know. Do most people leave game night with skids in their pants?