[+scenic byway]+

The Peak to Peak Scenic Byway is an 80 mile drive through stand after stand of Colorado Aspens. It was featured in Sunset Magazine this month as a fun day trip for those of us who live on the Front Range. We read the article this week and immediately made plans to see what all the fuss was about! So glad we didnt miss this very atypical drive.   It wasnt like any other fall drive weve taken here.

With Pandora playing the Stevie Nicks playlist (think Bon Jovi, America, The Eagles and youve got the picture) and everyone in the car singing along at one point or another (think head swinging, arm raising, concert style lipsynch and youve got the picture), we headed up and over foothills and through mountain tunnels. Grove after grove of Aspens clapped as we passed, all dressed in eye-popping shades of yellow. Drivers with cameras were pulling off the byway everywhere just to capture the magnificient colors. Along the way we stopped at a restored wooden carosel in Nederland for a $1 ride (a couple of rides actually for Doug and Peyton).   A moose with golden antlers and a great blue heron in flight were two of the hand carved favorites for riding.  Who can pass up a vintage carosel? 

We then meandered through a restored crimson train car which held old time candies, freshly made apple mini donuts and caramel apples as its wares. We saved the BBQ stop on the main drag, rumored to be great, for another time. We didnt want to use what daylight we had left on eating. So glad we didnt!  The last rays before the sun hid behind the mountains proved the most beautiful of the day.    Winding back through darkening canyons we made our way to civilization and home again.

I dont have time to edit pics tonight as I need to get lesson planning completed.  But here are a few from our fun time today.  Ill add more later in the week.

P.S.  Peyton took those leaf pics with the raindrops.  Amazing!?!?! huh?  Its like shes an artist or something.