+[sabbath thoughts today]+

When I first entered winter of the heart I studied winter. After I got out of the corner, that is. I studied winters purposes, it's rhythms, it's ways. It was a coping mechanism at first; it provided a sense of security, that study of creation and its ways. I found peace in that study, knowing that I was being transformed. It help me "be still" more often and got me through the crashing torrents and seemingly unending blizzards of bleakness.

And then it seemed there was nothing more to see of winters ways. I felt lost again. For weeks.

But one day, as if whispered to me, I began to think of spring. I began then to study spring. This pic is a page from my journal at that time, and Mark Buchanans words I pondered over and over. I had no promise of when it would come, but I resolved that if it did I would be ready. I studied the purposes of spring.

And so this, my weekly sabbath morn, the sabbath I learned to take in winter of my heart, I am now here in spring. And as I watch these mountains this morning and sip hot coffee and listen to geese taking turns commenting on these brilliant leaves surrounding us, I remember and give thanks.

Even and especially in those winter days He was preparing me. A lot of things had to die to get to spring. A lot of things had to be born. May I not squander this beautiful new season. Thankfully I know exactly what to do with it.