After school today, were decorating for fall around here. The girls are giddy. I love their anticipation of the special boxes being brought out of storage! Filled with our family's signature fall decor items, ones we've come to be "known for" through the years, the girls find a strong sense of place in these fun family traditions. Im so glad weve consistently made these memories with them. Last year we were traveling the west and southwest for school and we completely missed this beloved family moment! I remember everytime we passed a decorated home they moaned how much they missed decorating our home for the fall season.

Pine cone wreaths, leaf garlands, tons and tons of ravens (the girls fav part) and hidden pictures throughout the house make up some of the whimsical memories they have been anticipating all day. Pumpkins, indian corn and gourds will take their places in abundance as well as luminaries for us to light each evening.

And Rugby, our Weimaraner, has even joined in the activities. He ate all the Halloween candy Doug had stashed! Naughty, naughty dog.