+[clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right]+

Sometimes my subjects just wont work with me.  Too busy clowning around.  I have to admit though, I was egging them on.    Wont even mention all I was saying.

Our trip was so fabulous.  Vibrant lemony Yarrow and Rabbits Brush lined the highways as we rolled into town.  Our first stop was at Kakawa for a chocolate elixir and a moment to sip and enjoy arrival.  Deep dark artisanal chocolates are their specialty and not to be missed, in our book.  Then on to museuming at Georgia O'Keeffe where we spent way too much time gazing, contemplating and furthering our own thoughts on creating.  She was alive during the timeperiod we are studying so it all came alive even more for the girls this visit.  Its their second time to view the works held there; we were there this time last year as we toured the west and southwest for school.  And poor Savannah, staying just ahead of the AP art whip, can barely think of anything but art and how to create light, shadows and reality.  Ideation is now her world. 

Checking into our hotel then strolling the streets for a bit, meandering our way to dinner we stopped to take pics at a cathedral and along the winding paths of the city.  After a fantastic meal at The Shed we roamed about then headed back for my three Texas football fans to catch the UT game.  Gag.  Since everything is within walking distance if you stay near the plaza, Doug and I walked under the stars to a nearby coffeshop during halftime while the girls stayed at the hotel.  Admittedly, I dont get it - the football allegiance.  My sister does.  I dont.

The balance of our time and days there were spent exploring the galleries on Canyon road (no words for how much I enjoyed this part), talking with artist after artist after artist about their work and driving around to view the architecture of those fabulous pueblos on the hillside. 

We want the girls to ever be aware of artists and how they see the world differently.  We think its a very important part of their development and ultimately how they will view their own lives.  Being in an artist community is the best way we have found to accomplish that in a natural feeling way.  Santa Fe was greatly affected by the New Deal of FDR's presidency (which we are studying).  The city employed the artists to do what they did best and beautify the city.  Since that time the artistic community at large there has been unlike any other.  But you probably arent interested in my history lesson.

Full of food, stimulating conversation and eye feasts of art... and relaxed to our very core, we headed home.  Today Savannah announced that at some point during college she would like to go there and paint for a few months.  What.a.surprise!   And Peyton has always said she either wants to live there or Carmel.  Now Santa Fe is at the top of her list.  Cant blame them.