+[and so we began]+

 And so we began our fifth year.

Yesterday was our first day of school - 10th grade and 7th grade.  And true to tradition we did no traditional schoolwork on the first day, but spent the day at the Denver Art Museum instead.  And then went to tea at our favorite English Tearoom to celebrate this new year and all the possibilities it holds. 

I love to take that first day and speak over the girls all the things I love about this journey and love about them.  I spoke over Savannah the leadership and love I see in her, and over Peyton the immense well of creative giftings and joy that flow from her, inspiring others to Beauty.  And shared once again how I know they will both use their Gifts to bring Light to this world.    I love to remind them of who they are, and to remind them to continue to seek who they are becoming in the bigger story of their lives.  They are heroines, each of them in vastly different ways.

We talked of ideas for fun things to do and see this year, goals we would like to accomplish and we took a moment to remember the places we have been and the people we have known along the journey.  Then we toasted the new year with tea... and enjoyed.

It was a great, great, great, great first day!! 

If interested, you can read more about it here.