+[amen to that!]+

Walking along the sidewalk downtown this morning...

"Its my song!"

"Child, that song has been mine for 30 years longer than you have been breathing."

"Oh, whatever, Mom. You didnt know that song when you were born."

"Yes, I did. I was born singing it actually. You werent there!  You dont know anything about it. Actually it was the nurse singing it as I was born, so I knew it from birth."

At that we both doubled over in laughter as we entered our Thursday breakfast date place. In actuality, that could have happened - the nurse singing thing.

What were were arguing about was "Spirit in the Sky." Its my ringtone and alltime fav song. You know...Norm Greenbaum??...The Definitive Anthology??...When I die and they lay me to rest, gonna go to the place that the best...when I lay me down to die, goin up to the Spirit in the Sky???...Oh please tell me you know this one...

Savannah wants it as her ringtone. Absolutely not! She can wear Patchouli oil (my scent), wear my clothes and boots and even drink my coffee drinks but she can NOT have my song as her ringtone! We were arguing because she always says its her song when someone calls me, which happened just before we got out of the car. Then yesterday she wrote (backwards) in the dirt of my rear car glass (so that I could read it when I was sitting in driver seat) "its MY song."


So as we approached the counter to order our regular date morning treats we were still arguing. And laughing.

"Who exactly do you think taught you that song? Sang it over your crib? Taught it to you alongside Jesus loves me?"

"Only my mother would teach a toddler a hippie song alongside Jesus Loves Me."

"Yea, your dad laughed pretty hard when he came home and you were clapping in your crib, swaying and singing it.  And your grandmother cringed."

The lady at the counter was just watching us talk as she gathered our coffee and croissants.

"Listen. Ill make you a deal. You play it at my funeral and make sure everyone stands up and claps along, that its a real celebration, i mean it, and after that you can have the song for as long as you like."

The lady was still watching.


"Oh Mom."


The lady asked what song I wanted at my funeral and why was I even thinking of that. Savannah told her that I was a very unusual woman who was actually looking forward to that day.

Amen to that!

PS. Pics totally unrelated except that I took them outside the art store this morning in another moment of really enjoying this child.