+[welcome fall]+

It was 48 degrees when I awoke today.  Our first dip toward fall.   Smile.

Brisk mountain winds blew through the house on all floors.  With fireplace lit in my quiet time area, I read Psalm 16.  In Your Presence is Fullness of Joy.  Smile.  I have a beautiful inheritance.  Smile.

Family tradition dictates that I make pumpkin bread on the first morning that truly feels like fall; the girls happily awakening to the scent.  One more year I was able to participate in this tradition, watching them roll into the kitchen in their sweats and T's with sleepy, grinning faces and messy hair.  Smile.

Hot Rwandan coffee turns round in my cup, dancing with the heavy cream.  I think of my husband and who he is as a man.  Smile.

Our fall bucket list was posted yesterday - already working on it (2 recipes to follow).  Yes, I decided every season was worth celebrating and planning for!  And school starts next week.  Im really, deep in my heart kind of really, ready for the new season.   Smile.

Summer was so filling. I had time with everyone I love, meaningful time.  I saw fruit in my life growing, which was Mercy and Encouragement.  Felt the warmth of the earthly blessings I have in relationships.  Welcomed Light into all areas of my life once again - truly repenting (consciously turning from) my ugly attitudes in my marriage instead of just confessing over and over.  I rested.  We played and wondered in nature.  We festivaled and had reunion in the state we love so much (TX) , with those we hold so very dear.  Summer held successive days which felt like holidays.  I found joy exactly where I am.  Oh Summer.

And now, by design, Im ready to move into the next season.  Smile.

Welcome Fall.