+[the eyes of all of us]+

I  sat in the drivers seat biting hard on the knuckle of my right forefinger, an old habit that returns when Im spun speechless.   He walked through the glass airport doors and was gone.   

  Only moments before the traffic officer was poking jealous fun at us, calling off the "love story" of us saying goodbye on that curb.  Saying he had never had women love on him like we were.  Its just that its very conflicting to send your husband (or your father) off as scout.  You share both intensely thankful happiness and deep desperate desire...to watch him go... and to go along.

A part of each one of us went with him to Rwanda yesterday; each dreaming our own dreams of that land and what it holds, the people we love but do not know. But more than anything we are so thankful that God gave Doug a gift like this - to go as a scout in every sense. I told him to remember it all...he is now the eyes of all of us.

The girls and I are now off to backpack the Rockies for a week until my sister arrives. We will plant ourselves in a few teahouses (like we are this afternoon) along the way.   Ill post some of what the days hold as we go.