+[postcards from The Mister]+

I love the last picture - his own feet with the dirt of his ancestors upon it. There really isnt a way for me to understand all that is transpiring for him on this trip.

When Savannah was very young, like 5, Doug took she and Peyt to a family reunion on his side. It was the only time they had ever been around his extended family, still is I believe. I was out of town. When they returned Savannah RAN to me yelling, "Momma, momma - you will not believe it!" I waited for the rest while her eyes exploded in amazement - hardly able to get the words out quick enough. "Momma, EVERYBODY from black history month was there! EVVEERRBBOODDYY!"

I bit the insides of my mouth trying to not laugh. She had never seen that many people with brown skin in one place, except for in pictures related to black history month at school. Sweet baby. Pretty cute, huh? Doug and I still giggle about it. She does too...now.

I have to wonder what it feels like to Doug to be there, with those people, on that land. I can only compare it to meeting my birthsister. What a Gift!