+[last night]+

BBQ after church last night.

Texas BBQ in Colorado.

From the same TX establishment we eat at in Waco on the way to Camp Peniel each year.

Where you eat on sheets of wax paper (instead of plates) and you carry your food from the counter in a crate.

With troughs of iced drinks as far as you can see.

And jalapeno sausage that will make you cry its so spicy.  But... theres sweet tea to wash it down.

And Texans at every table around us singin along to the country music.  We hate country music, but there it just fits.


We LOVE Colorado (whats not to love, right?), but Texas BBQ and its lifestyle are just a part of who we are.

Seemed a good night to teach the girls a song that has no benefit, but somehow still needs to be known.

So their mother LOUDLY sang Oceanfront Property along with George when it came up on the restaurant playlist.  Absolutely no one around us thought a thing of it.  Some began singing too.  No need for going back over the lyrics either, there are only a few lines to the whole song.  They winced as I sang it in the beginning but on the way home they all sang along acapella.

Fun family night.

P.S.  When almost home Peyton announced from the backseat, "Mom (!!) Arizona borders Mexico!?!"

...i got some oceanfront property in ar-i-zo-na, from my front porch you can see the sea,
got some oceanfront property in ar-i-zo-na, if youll buy that ill throw the golden gate in free...