+[hair things]+

When I decided to grow my hair out again I made a deal with myself... I had to be willing to do a different style each day and not end up with that same lame ponytail thing at 5:00 each afternoon. Until I was willing to make that commitment, I wasnt going to grow it back out. I just feel dumpy with the same longhair look everyday.  Plus Im almost 42 and we all know how older women with longer hair ...well...it can be not a good idea!  But I love my hair longer. And Doug really does.

Obviously I made the decision to go ahead and grow it. So, I also made the decision to add quite a few new tricks to my hair arsenal - especially updos. Its been way more fun that I ever planned. Ive learned so much! It seems like most places we go someone wants to know how I managed the hair feat of the day. I always send them to this youtube channel: letsmakeitup1. Ive learned about 75% of the daily styles (both updos and down styles)  I use from that one channel; its great! Who knew hairstyles could be like a whole new wardrobe? I would say each style takes about 10 minutes once you know all your braids, curling techniques and such.  I dont always like each style I try out enough to keep it around longer term, but I enjoy the variety and challenge of keeping things fresh each day.  The girls weigh in, as you can imagine.  They hated the "evil queen" braids from Snow White and the Huntsman that I learned on the youtube channel.  Have to admit they werent my best look.  But they love the waves (wrap and twist curls done on clipless curling iron) and the "Barbie" top knot... but make fun that I perfected it on my Barbie hairdo head when I was little.  Nana told!

Doug now notices my hair everyday too, intentionally looking to see what new thing I did,  which is fun!   We were walking around an outdoor shopping area on our date Friday night and he unexpectedly turned to me and said, "thank you for taking such good care of yourself.  I really like it and appreciate it."  I think I grinned all night.  And at lunch today he was talking about my hippie-headband-sidebraided-half-up-half- down style I had going, commenting repeatedly on how much he liked it.  I never knew he would like the upstyles and braids as much as the down!

Changing things up daily has made all the difference in how satisfied I am with my hairstyle.  Not sure why I didnt think of this years ago.  I guess its another form of creativity, which is always fun to me.

hairpics above via pinterest