+[five minutes]+

This moment I have stepped away to the study for 5 minutes.  Stepped away as part of a 5 minute break Im taking each evening to capture thoughts.  Some will be here, some in journals.  Its a challenge to capture moments.  Its a moment to refresh.

Inside Dougs study here his bible is open and in the way of the laptop.  I type with arms resting atop it.  Surprisingly, his pagemarker is this picture of us.  Taken in January of 2010,  it was my valentine card to him that year.  Never knew he used it for a pagemarker.

Downstairs Peyton sits at the breakfast table playing Mindcraft.  She is surrounded by my curriculum planning piles which havent made it back into the closet yet.  Her hair is in piggies, her shirt on backwards.  I have not asked her to turn it.  Havent mentioned it at all.  Savannah and I exchanged glances about it earlier - adoration in our eyes.  Why is that child so darling?

A spiral cut ham with a maple crunch glaze rests on the middle oven rack.  The family favorite squash casserole is in the making (squash boiling as I type).  It will share side stage with the requested homeade tart cranberry sauce (lots of cinnamon, pinch of ginger and cloves, lots of orange peel) after its baked.  The house smells of fall and feasting.

Savannah and Doug are at soccer practice.  Guessing they are both enveloped - her in practice, him in discerning her coaches chosen strategy.   They only have a few minutes of the 2 hour practice left.  Competitive they are.

Im just home from the neighborhood health food store.  Needed cardamom (for more chai) and frozen cranberries.    Bought more than what I needed - I do that when called by name in a store.  I love the smell of health food stores: earthy, yeasty, malty, vitaminy.

Spirit in the Sky Pandora playlist is rolling in the kitchen.  Windows are open.  Dog is in the kennel.

Timer is going off.