Peyton and I have a new art project.  She calls it Fart (food-art).

Obscene, I know.

She got frustrated last schoolyear when we werent cooking together as much as we had been - traveling for school for 2 months, relocating for 3 months..lazy mother didnt make it happen.  Anyhow, so this summer I told her to pick a cookbook and we would work through it together, just us.  She picked Pioneer Womans newest edition.  Chefs are her pop culture.

If were all being honest, she picked it for the fried cheese recipe  But weve managed to move past that selection (after she nearly barfed from inhaling way too much of the stuff) and honestly have really enjoyed everything we have made.  She says were about half way through the book now, which seems about right. 

No, I havent made her use almond flour or agave.

Its kindof like a Julie and Julia project.  But not.

But just as fun to watch.

all pics via Pioneer Woman