+[days and dates]+

When Savannah began kindergarten, and was suddenly gone 5 days a week, I decided that once a month I would take her out of school for the day so that we could have some special time just the two of us.  We each would look forward to and plan that day the entire month.  Her principal and teacher were wholly onboard (private, Christian Montessori school) so that made it all the more special.  They would each ask her where we were going for "date day" that month and she would boldly smile and tell or, sometimes, want to keep it a hushed secret.  There was no "unexcused absence" nonsense; they valued the familial bond.

We kept that monthly tradition all the way through her fourth grade year while she was in private school.  When we began homeschooling it became a weekly coffee date.  I know that may seem odd since I was actually getting more time with her by hourly standards, but a school day is a school day, and time spent in the same room is not always heart time.  What I wanted her to continue to know was that I was seeking her heart.   So we did weekly coffee - about an hour each week.

Now, as our new schedule and new season of schooling begins, we have moved to a weekly breakfast alone at our favorite downtown French bakery.     My guess is that this will remain our weekly touch point for the duration of her time at home with me.  Its a two hour window of weekly reconnection.   Its a two hour window of looking into her eyes, telling her what I love about her, and hearing her heart.  Its a two hour window of intentionality in our relationship.

I walked into her room yesterday after we returned home from breakfast and our day of schooling activity.  Quietly from the corner, the Beatles were singing Let It Be, the window was pushed open and she was once again covered in charcoal.  I melted.  Oh how she has grown into a woman I just adore.  I know I say this all the time but I am SO thankful for these days.