+[costume change]+

We had planned a family roadtrip to Santa Fe for the long holiday weekend - museums, Mexican food, sunshine and fabulous architecture.   I was pumped.  My kind of weekend!  Had some artsy museum outfits picked out, flowing dinner outfits to follow, along with a walking agenda around that city I enjoy so much.  Part of experiencing any trip for me is in my "costumes".  Anyone out there understand that?

And then two days ago...

Dougs friend from work offered his mountain cabin in Buena Vista to our family for the weekend - flyfishing, hiking, sunshine and nature.  His kind of weekend.  Im still pumped, just in a different way.  Now I have some boho adventuring outfits packed, over-the-fire dinner ideas planned and no agenda of any kind other than relaxing for this one last weekend before school goes into full swing.   I can tell you one thing I will NOT be doing though:  reading.  Ive read 12 books in the last 6 days in preparing for school!  Whats the opposite of reading?  Ill be doing that.

With no game for Savannah this weekend and no practices until next Wednesday, this will be the most freedom our collective family schedule has until we leave for TX in November.  Sigh.

Every year just before school has started weve headed out of town.  And every year the Lord has met me there, breathing new dreams and vision into my heart.  Im looking forward to the time away and the adventure of it all.  Secretly planning a super soaker fight...shhh.