+[5 minutes]+

Tonight we walked with coffee in hand. Quietly together. We walked through trees and stars and over rocks and pebbles alike. A serape cape around my shoulders, an orange hoodie upon his. We dreamed and hoped and prayed. A crescent moon winked as we passed.  He says we always find moments to stop and celebrate, the two of us.  I guess hes right.

Tonight we made Pioneer Womans fried chicken taco recipe. I stuffed tortillas then lay them in the oil. She flipped and finished them off, patting off excess while talking of books and art and running through sprinklers.

Tonight she came to find me on the porch. Said I couldn't escape her. Assured her I'd never try. She climbed atop the table to see that winking crescent moon, without my saying a word about it. She kissed my head and cheek, declared her love, and retired to dream.

Today I sat in the teahouse with one beside me and one in front. One reviewing Spanish, one working critical thinking pages...because they both are so ready for school to start that they are making assignments for themselves. (?!?!) I was online reserving their next month worth of books from the library. And drinking peach vanilla iced tea with one while the other sipped masala chai. Defining.

Today I had no towels clean so I used a huge white terry robe to wrap my hair. Quite a sight. Today I wore green eyeshadow just to see, but won't again. Today I talked to my parents, laughing most all of the conversation at their retirement shenanigans. Today I accidentally poured buttermilk (instead of cream) in the last cup from the frenchpress. Gag.