Enjoying summer, we are.  Its my favorite season, it is.  Have I mentioned that?  Oh how it is.

Weekend options now include Beaver Creek, walking the village or taking in the views with iced lattes in hand.  Or sitting barefoot in the grass listening to the jazz concerts in Vail.  Or pitching tents in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Or perusing the farmers market in Boulder.  Or driving the backroads to Breckenridge, watching whitewater streams lead the way.  Or finding new trails and snacks in Winter Park.   Hikes are a daily endeavor.  Sunshine pours everyday and a light rain mists and cools every afternoon.   Backpacks and picnics are as much a part of the daily wardrobe as shoes.

Weekdays are spent exploring river, town or trail, visiting friends or reading and writing poolside (like I am this moment).  And every afternoon you can find us at Sonic for happy hour (cherry limeade, cherry lime slush and vanilla coke extra ice, please).    Doug and I take daily dusk walks, meeting and greeting the same neighbors each night upon the trails.   We sleep each night with windows thrown open, listening to the wind blow the pines and taking in the the earthy scents of the forest which surrounds us.  Last week a black bear meandered through our yard and waterfall then on down the street and back to its life.

Soon Doug leaves for Rwanda and Dominican Republic for a month and then school begins to sink its claws back into our schedule.  Already that 4 day a week soccer schedule is beginning to take a bite out of Savannahs time.  But, for now, were holding tight to sunny freedoms that only this season provides.  Drinking in every moment.