+[soaking things down]+

Were pausing for a day or three.

This moment pomegranate seeds have been abandoned for trampoline jumps, airconditioning has been abandoned for sketching horses just beyond the fence and hotels have been abandoned for the embrace of my best friends house.  Funny thing is, shes not here; shes in Colorado with her family at family camp.  Irony.

Soon we will head home and meet her family at our house in those beautiful mountains.  But not today.  And not tomorrow.  And maybe not the next day...Im not sure yet.  Were pausing to enjoy and savor time in this state we love, to soak things down from these past weeks.  Thats the way of summer isnt it?  To go new places, try new ways, tinker with the tried and true and sometimes make wholesale changes.

Sometimes the changes work sometimes they dont.  In summer, it doesnt matter much.  Theres nothing to lose, it seems.  Its no more wasteful than trying a different flavor of ice cream - mango cherry coconut, say - and finding you dont quite like it as much as mexican vanilla.  But then again, it might be the worlds best kept secret.