+[sleeping porch]+

Yesterday I decided I wanted to surprise Doug with an unexpected evening.  Soccer practice is keeping me out until late and since we've made a family decision to continue to eat dinner together, no matter the time, nights are getting later and later before we actually get our alone time.

So I pulled our camping cots out, comfy with thick sleeping pads, and loaded fluffy bedding onto the porch to make a cozy sleeping porch nest.  Flashlights and books made the cut as well.

After dinner (Bruschetta chicken (grilled chicken + bruchetta sauce + melted fresh mozzarella), grilled zucchini and angel hair with lemon oil ( 1/2 c. Olive oil + zest of one lemon) for everyone but me), and dishes, and the girls were tucked away for their night, we retired to our sleeping porch and searched for constellations once again.

Hot cocoa in hand, we debriefed our days (he got all his Africa shots yesterday) and bundled up in the 50 degree air.  We talked of his job and thoughts on where we are as a family, my upcoming Momcation, my sisters visit next week and how very much I miss my best friend.  He reached for my hand across the cot and we sat in silence together and reconnected.  Actually saw a shooting star!  But thankfully, no bears.

Summer pleasures like this are truly pleasures.

P.S.  Good dog, Rugby.