Standing barefoot in St. Augustine grass while cicadas serenade from the treetops.

A filled-to-the-rim red Solo cup of Dr Pepper, extra ice.

A red one-shoulder maxi dress to match said Solo cup.

Old folks belting "standing on the promises" in church this morning... while my grinning dad led stage left on his turquoise vintage Ovation.

My daughters knowing no words to any of the songs, but smiling (in spite of themselves) at a true southern baptist church in motion. 

My eldest daughter leaning close, arm wrapped in mine, to share how full her heart is.

The oppression of humid heat, stinging bugs and social prejudices.

The beauty of my moms azalea garden - full tilt basking in constant sun.

My dad stirring a treasure pot of shrimp boil, his catch from the Gulf only yesterday. 

Wreaths on every door of every perfectly landscaped house.

Matte lipstick on every mouth.

...I am home.